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    Multipurpose Tropicalised Commercial Chest Freezers for Indian Conditions.

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    The Right Chest Freezer For Your Restaurant or Business of Frozen Foods


    AI-AI Brazing Materials

    Product Features
    • Excellent wettability and spreading ability
    • Excellent anticorrosion ability
    • Environment friendly and comply with RoHS
    • Noncorrosive flux, nonhygroscopic and the post braze cleaning is not necessary


    We provide Eco friendly like Ozone friendly refrigeration retro fitting. Services to all our customers. We give door services to all our customers and we have over 1000 satisfied customers. Product Range & Items :

    • Refrigerators Timer
    • Refrigerators bi metals
    • Brazing Materials
    • Other Refrigerators Parts


    • 1. We always strive for the customer satisfaction by meeting the requirement & expectation.
    • 2. We always strive to provide the best quality branded spares.
    • 3. We always maintain & upgrade our service equipments to the quality standards.