PRODUCTS : Brazing Materials

AI-AI Brazing Materials

Type Composition Melting Range Specification

Alloy Flux System Flux content (°C)
XR-FC0315 AI-12Si K-Cs-AI-F 20-25% 577-585 ⦶ 1.6, ⦶ 2.0
XR-FC0315C AI-12Si Cs-K-AI-F 25-30% 577-585 Ring
(Non-standard items can be customized)

U Bend & Corollary Rings

Offer all kinds of aluminum U bend and corollary rings.
Applied in air-condition, refrigeration and icebox industry.


Cu-AI Brazing Materials

Flux-cored wire XR-FC0215 brings a new technology for Cu-AI brazing in refrigeration, air-condition and electrical apparatus industry. This type of material is very suitable for brazing copper plate(wire) to aluminum plate(wire).

Flux-cored wire XR-FC22S filled with the non-corrosive cesium based flux, applied for copper tube to aluminum tube in refrigeration & air-condition industry.

Brazing Alloy Type Composition Melting Range
Alloy Flux (°C)
Cu-AI Flux-cored Brazing Wire XR-FC0215, XR-FC22S Zn, AI, Oth. KCsAIF 15%∼20% 420∼480
Cu-Al Solid Brazing Wire XR-BW200 Zn, AI, Oth. - 380∼420
Cu-Al Brazing Flux AI-12Si Cs-K-AI-F 25-30% 450∼480
(Non-standard items can be customized)

Suitable base metal :Copper, Brass, Aluminum alloy : 1 X X X ; 2 X X X ; 3 X X X ; 6 X X X. Brazing Tool : Torch
Gas : LPG+Oxygen, Acetylene+Oxygent, Propate+Oxygen